Welcome to Delego Capital

Welcome to Delego Capital

A Wealth Management Company for Business Owners.

An established entrepreneur or a new small business owner risks everything for an opportunity to build something bigger than themselves. They expend time, energy and resources to build their business and find success. However, this also means that most business owners have little time to devote to their personal wealth strategy. At Delego Capital, we partner with business owners to address both the personal and business aspects of their wealth, including wealth compounding, retirement planning, tax mitigation, estate planning and long-term wealth management.

Introduction To Delego Capital

Delego is derived from the word ‘Delegate’, which means to assign or appoint. We are a wealth management firm with a mission to help business owners separate their ‘Personal wealth’ from ‘Business Wealth’. Much of a business owner’s wealth is likely locked up inside of their business which involves a lot of uncertainty. Hence, to attain financial freedom, it becomes utmost important to have a part of personal wealth diversified to other assets as well. This provides a sense of financial security and improves mental well-being and productivity at work.

Being a business owner requires a very dynamic mindset, we must be willing to go out of our comfort zone and take risks. Balancing risks in business along with ensuring security of personal financial responsibilities of our family, can make it over whelming. We get that about you, we have been a family-owned business for 25 years ourselves. Our equivalent years of capital market experience, puts us at a special place as we can provide you with proven actionable solutions saving you time and energy. Our guiding belief is to maintain a steadfast focus on the right strategy and process, knowing that favorable outcomes will naturally follow.

Our Investment Management Process

A. We Strategize

Managing Investments require deep understanding of a client’s unique financial needs and objectives, combining it with asset allocation strategies makes the investment risk managed. We identify your Financial goals and risk appetite to assess your Risk Required.

We strategize Your:

  • Wealth Compounding
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Children’s need
  • Vacation Home
  • Legacy Preservation
  • Business Liquidity

B. We Execute

Industry leading expertise in due diligence and deep-rooted connection with various fund managers in India keeps us ahead of the curve. We offer a wide range of comprehensive investment opportunities. Our dedicated RM will filter out the best opportunity for you that will help achieve the financial goals, needs and long-term financial freedom.

We Execute In:

  • Mutual Funds
  • PMS
  • Alternate investments
  • Primary/ Secondary Debt
  • Listed Securities
  • Unlisted Securities
  • Commodities
  • Reits/ invits
  • Global investing

C. We Maintain

Change is the only constant in the process of Investment Management. Changing personal needs and changing macro economic environment calls for periodic review of portfolio. We believe our role does not stop with execution of investments, its a beginning.

We Maintain Your:

  • Estate Planning
  • Taxation
  • Reporting

What to expect from the blog

We constantly invest in and upgrade our understanding of investments to stay up to date with the market trends. During our journey of managing investments with the clients, we come across various learnings. Sometimes we learn new things from our clients, other wealth managers, our in house research, etc. We will be sharing key investment management lessons and ideas through this medium. These lessons play an important part in shaping our philosophies and processes.

The blog posts are divided into three categories:

  • Investment Principles: Here we share principles adopted by various business owners. These principles help them manage their finances and grow their wealth.
  • Investment Strategies: Here we try and share various actionable strategies that can be used by business owners to invest their money. Because strategy is what we can control and not the results.
  • Equities: Here we share news updates, corporate action, broker reports on your favorite companies, these are not investment recommendation but general update on their business.